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From: Stephen Leake <>
Subject: Re: Alire can't decide system when "get-ing" eagle_lander demo
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2022 10:10:06 -0700	[thread overview]
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Rob G <> writes:

> As a newby to Aliure, but not to Ada or GNAT-CE/GPS, I installed Alire
> on my WIndows10 laptop. As an additional result it installed MSYS2. I
> have no intention whatsoever to use MSYS, just want an Ada/Windows10
> development environment.
> Skipping the "Hello, World" demo I started with Eagle_Lander, mainly
> because that is a Gtkada app.
> However, "alr get eagle_lander" resulted in a
> Note: Deploying gtkada=21.0.0...
>         -=O=-    #      #       #       #
> Note: Running post_fetch actions for gtkada=21.0.0...
> configure: loading site script /usr/local/etc/
> checking build system type... ./config.guess: unable to guess system type
> <<
> Note that from the MSYS2 environment that was installed by Alire, if I
> do a ./doinstall for Gtkada the script fails because it can't find the
> a bin directory with Gtk.
> What to do to get Gtkada installed?
> PS It is unclear to me why Alire doesn't fetch the 22.0.0 version from Gtihub

I don't have an answer, but it would help if you posted this as an issue
in the Alire Github project:

There seems to be more Alire help available on the Gitter channel:, although maybe that will change if
more people post here; I much prefer email/news via Emacs Gnus to
anything in a web browser.

-- Stephe

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