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From: Rick Newbie <nuttin@nuttn.nowhere>
Subject: Re: sdlada, löve, and programming for beginners
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 02:05:45 -0800	[thread overview]
Date: 2020-02-10T02:05:45-08:00	[thread overview]
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That's actually very true. I have to work in C++ professionally but I 
always remember the day of Turbo Pascal or Modula-2. Install, run the 
IDE and ready to go, no fighting about missing libraries or esoteric 
features. I must admit that I look at some new C++ programs and I don't 
understand what's going on. Same with forums. Sometimes I browse 
Stackexchange just for fun and I read questions from people about the 
behavior of pieces of code that they don't understand and the answers 
just make me shake my head. Who would have ever thought of that?!

When I learned C I had a book about 200 pages. I read that and 
afterwards I was able to write my first small programs. I don't have the 
feeling it will be that easy with Ada. In fact I try to keep it simple 
and get me some exercise by translating some of the games from David 
Ahl's 1970's book from BASIC to Ada because I think that it is possible 
to translate those games with the more simple features of Ada to get me 

I think when the language becomes so complicated that you need 
professional help, not with algorithmic problems but with syntactical 
questions, it is too bloated. Hence my above remark that you use 20% of 
the features 80% of the time. I know certain modern features are a 
blessing, for instance I love Lambdas in C++ because they allow me to 
put active code in a datatable instead of in a long switch statement, 
but I could live without it if necessary.

If I remember my early teachings correctly you can formulate nearly 
every problem on a Touring Machine :)

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