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From: Fernando Oleo Blanco <>
Subject: Re: GCC release notes, aka, Ada is still alive!
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 18:32:30 +0200	[thread overview]
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Thank you to everybody that commented on the topic.

We could use the Changelog present in the gcc/ada directory to triage 
commits more precisely (credit goes to Stéphane).

On 12.10.21 21:28, Tero Koskinen wrote:
> I decided to try an example. I must confess that I don't know where
> the cutoff point for GCC 11 was and what it changes actually did
> (the commit log messages aren't that clear if you don't actually
> follow the development of GCC/GNAT/Ada in detail).

To be honest, we could try to write the changelog for GCC 11 with the 
information given by Fabien (AdaCore) and what we find out. If for 
whatever reason the GCC people do not want to make large changes to the 
already released changelog, we could compile a larger list for GCC 12.

I think the most important aspects are:
- Ada 2022, which has a long list of changes on its own;
- Improvements to systems (VxWorks, RTMS, etc), as it shows that Ada is 
present in more places than what meets the eye;
- Deprecations and fixes;
- General improvements in the library, SPARK and with the GCC ecosystem. 
I think Ada has somewhat acceptable support for OpenMP, which was 
improved in the past few years, for example. It has also been increasing 
SPARK support in the libraries.

> But here is the idea what the patches could looks like. (And yes,
> I know that comp.lang.ada is totally incorrect place for the diff.)

I think that the diff included is a good example of what it would be to 
write the main changes.

I want to sign up for GCC's gcc mailing list (general discussion) and 
ask the GCC people what would be the preferred way to move forward. Hey, 
maybe they would like to have Ada changelogs for all past releases! If I 
hear anything back I will tell you.

Though if someone wants to start, I see no problem on sharing diffs 
here. Not the most ideal place, but it is a good forum to share ideas.

Fernando Oleo Blanco

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