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* GCC release notes, aka, Ada is still alive!
@ 2021-10-11 18:41 Fernando Oleo Blanco
  2021-10-12 12:54 ` Fabien Chouteau
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From: Fernando Oleo Blanco @ 2021-10-11 18:41 UTC (permalink / raw)

Hi everybody,

I have been meaning to write this message for a long while, so here it goes.

Reading Phoronix [1] for years, I noticed that with every new GCC 
release, the biggest changes to GCC and its languages were mentioned. 
However, Ada was pretty much never present.

Today, just a few moments ago in #netbsd, someone asked whether Ada had 
finally been dropped out of GCC... I am not even mad. GCC's release 
notes have not mentioned Ada since GCC 8 [2], [3], [4]; and even in GCC 
7 and 8 the notes are minute.

So I would like to ask whether someone would like to help me get release 
notes ready. I am not saying that I will be doing much, but I would like 
to breath some fresh air into how Ada is seen and how much people hear 
about it.

I personally do not like marketing since good products stand on their 
merits, not slogans or shininess. But there is no reason to not put 
publicly what is going on.

Yes, AdaCore has been doing some very nice followups to the development 
of Ada in their blog [5]. But the people that go there, are already 
aware of Ada. And since AdaCore is phasing out their GNAT CE system in 
favour of FSF builds (included in Alire), the relevance of GCC's 
releases grows.

Note, I am not implying that AdaCore should write the releases. They are 
doing the bulk of work in GNAT, so I do not think they _need_ to do 
more. Personally I am glad with what they are doing, but of course, they 
can write the releases if they so want.

I am specially saddened by the fact that GCC has gotten a substantial 
amount of support for Ada 2022 and it is not even mentioned. No wonder 
why people think Ada is dead!

So, if you have any recommendation, or would like to help, then you are 
more than welcomed!

P.S.: I am already doing my part GNAT in NetBSD x86_64 is working! It 
has 9 failed ACATS tests, but they are minor. A thousand thanks go to J. 
Marino and Tobiasu for their enormous help in #ada. Today I will see if 
I can compile it for armv6 and run it on my RPi!

Fernando Oleo Blanco

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